Airport AI platform

Connect your data sources
We connect to your airport's APIs and static data sources to get the data needed for the chat service to work properly.
Gather data
Our dashboard allows you to quickly view the most important statistics about your users, what they do at your airport, and what questions they ask.
Airport AI feature store
Learn best-practises from our network of airport customers, and start using immediately all the features and integrations we have built in the last 3 years.

A cutting-edge approach to conversational artificial intelligence

AI & machine learning

Our conversational technology leverages best-in-class machine learning and artificial intelligence to get smarter over time, growing with your business and understanding the needs of your travellers.

Airport expertise

We are working exlusively with airports, powering over 300,000 monthly conversations, and our conversational technology is unrivalled to understand the needs of your travellers.

Support for multiple languages

From the start, you can support travellers in 8 languages, and it is possible to add support for new languages in a short time thanks to our unique training datasets.

Schedule a demonstration

Let our team show you how your airport can make the most of conversational AI

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