A I R P O R T   A I


Customer Service Platform for Airports

Start using automation and Artificial Intelligence to improve your airport's passenger experience while reducing customer service costs.

Inform, engage and measure

Provide excellent customer support, boost non-aeronautical revenues and gather insights about travellers.

Inform travellers

Provide real-time flight information and answer frequently asked questions automatically.

Engage travellers

Send targeted marketing messages at the right time and generate online sales seamlessly via chat.

Gather data

Get powerful insights about your users, what they do at your airport, and what questions they ask.

Technology The leading AI platform for airports

Get quick results

Answer frequent questions from day 1 using our airport model trained with millions of conversations.

Support any languages

Answer travellers in their own language, using AI to understand user queries and translate your content.

Never stop improving

Our technology leverages AI to get smarter over time, understanding the needs of your travellers.

Integrate your data sources

Your airport's APIs and data sources are directly connected to our platform to get the content needed.

Go live In under 2 months

Go live

Provide live support when necessary

Airports using our technology resolve up to 90% of queries automatically, but our platform also enables your agents to provide support when needed.

  • Provide support via Airport AI or through a third-party platform (such as Zendesk, Hootsuite or Falcon).
  • Receive contextual information about each case to allow support agents to provide better and faster answers.
  • Gather analytics in order to improve your automation rate, provide a better experience to travellers and reduce your customer service costs.

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